Best Binary Options Robots

The most common way that people invest in binary options now, is with a binary options robot. There are hundreds of robots and automated trading software that you can find online, and naturally many of them are scams.

A big problem with most binary options robots, has to do with the brokers that they work with. If the software company who made the robot allows it to connect with an unlicensed broker, then you can be sure the product is not a real binary options robot. Be sure to review all the licensed binary options brokers with active and valid broker licenses, see here.

What are Binary Option Robots

The basis of a robot or trading software starts with trading signals. Trading signals are generated by algorithm software, which analyzes the markets for trading opportunities. Usually the algorithm software will have a variety of technical indicators which it looks for to generate a trade idea.

Trade ideas are then automatically transferred into an order ticket on your account and submitted to your broker.

Depending on which binary option robot you decide to use, will depend on the trading signals it is using. Many robots let you choose which technical indicators you want to receive signals for. The more options available for you to configure, the better the software is.

Popular Binary Option Robots

The robots listed below are connected with a variety of brokers and they are among the most popular software in use today by traders.

Option Robot Pro

Option Robot Pro is a new automated trading system that connects with a few licensed Forex and Binary Option brokers. It has available various setting for you to choose which assets the robot trades, and the trade size and amounts.

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Option Robot for Binary Options

OptionRobot is one of the original binary option robots and it is used by thousands of traders. The Option Robot is a very easy to use software, and the user has the ability to choose the time frame of options, the trading strategy and a few other settings.

Depending on your country of residence, you should have the ability to choose from a few brokers.

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100% Accuracy & Great Results

It is very important to understand that there is no such thing as perfect trading signals, and there does not exist a binary option robot with consistent positive results. No matter what the man in the video told you!

A binary options robot that does not give you the ability to adjust the settings, it guaranteed to be a scam robot. If you are using a real robot which lets you configure the settings, and choose the strategy and assets, then no two people will see the same results.

When using an automated trading robot, the most important thing to do is constantly monitor its performance. Hundreds of factors are at play when trading the financial markets. An accurate signal, which produced a profitable result on the $EUR/USD pair, may not continue to generate more profitable ideas that day / week.

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