America CFTC Licensed Binary Options Brokers

Although the CFTC & SEC in America have issued warnings about trading with offshore binary option brokers, that has not deterred Americans from trading binary options.

Traders in America need to know that there are NO CySEC (European) licensed brokers or ASIC Australia brokers, who accept traders from the USA.

It is important for Americans to understand the problems associated with using an offshore and not licensed broker. Read these articles about broker complaints, withdrawal problems and signal providers.

American CFTC Licensed Exchange

If you want to trade binary options in America, then you need to look at (see full review) is a CFTC licensed binary options exchange. They are not a simple broker, but a real exchange like the Nasdaq and NYSE. They have a ton of educational information on the website to help new traders. They also have a demo account you can use before making a deposit, and opening a real account.

Go here to register your demo account, and see what real binary options trading is.

Now that we have made that disclaimer we will present the list of popular binary option brokers that still allow traders from the United States.

Offshore Binary Option Brokers

American Binary Options

Dinero Libre (read review) is a popular broker in Latin America that works with the automated trading system from

Although they are not licensed or regulated by the American CFTC, they are still very popular.

There are over 250 binary option brokers worldwide. There are many brokers that are small operations with no phone number and behave more like online casinos. So although these brokers are the best binary option brokers today, there is no guarantee that your money is safe with an unlicensed broker.

Traders can find the full alert to traders from the SEC here.